Call for Application – ‘ESD Okayama Award 2019’

Deadline: 5 July 2019
Open to: organizations based in any country
Benefits: USD 3,000


The ‘ESD Okayama Award 2019’ is open for entry!

The award conducted by Okayama City and ESD Okayama Award Steering Committee will reward outstanding ESD practices in local communities around the world to support the organizations carrying out ESD activities, and also showcase and promote ESD.

The world has become more intertwined and borderless, and what happens here will affect other parts of the world today and in the future. The various challenges that we face, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and poverty cannot be solved alone. In order to facilitate action to build sustainable societies around the world, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were created to implement the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, which was adopted by world leaders in September 2015 at the UN Summit. Promoting Education for Sustainable
Development (ESD) is considered critical to ensure the quality of education for achieving these goals.

In Okayama, since the establishment of the ‘Okayama ESD Project’ in 2005, diverse stakeholders have been working together to promote ESD in the region. Okayama City also hosted the Stakeholder Meetings of the UNESCO World Conference on ESD in 2014 and played a leading role in accelerating collaborative actions among people working for ESD.

Okayama City has also been selected as one of the UNESCO Key Partners of the Global Action Programme on ESD (GAP) in Priority Action Area 5 (Accelerating sustainable solutions at the local level), and we are committed to further advancing ESD beyond 2015. With this purpose, Okayama City launched the ‘ESD Okayama Award’ in 2015. The ESD Okayama Award is organized by Okayama City and the ESD Okayama Award Steering Board, composed of organizations which have been promoting ESD in Japan and around the world.

The Award aims to showcase good practices worldwide and to further advance ESD.


Organizations based in any country, including Japan, implementing ESD activities in local communities are eligible to apply for the Global Prize


The Global Prize of USD 3,000 will be given to up to two projects.

Award winners will be invited to the Award Ceremony on November 24, 2019 (Saturday) in Okayama, Japan, and will be requested to give a presentation on the project.

How to apply?

Please send application documents by e-mail to [email protected]

For more information, please visit the official website.