Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Students in UK

Deadline: 23 March 2018
Open to: international students
Fellowship: GBP 32,558


The Northern Ireland and North East Doctoral Training Partnership (NINE DTP) is delighted to offer ESRC-funded postdoctoral Fellowships to commence in October 2018. The call is open to applicants who have completed their Ph.D. at a research organization that is part of a DTP or CDT and who have completed their PhDs within the previous 12 months.

The fellowships are aimed at those in the immediately postdoctoral stage of their career, to provide the opportunity to consolidate their Ph.D. through developing publications, their networks, and their research and professional skills.

The Northern Ireland and North East Doctoral Training Partnership (“NINE DTP”) is a new and exciting collaborative enterprise between seven Universities across Northern Ireland and the North East of England. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, with support from the Department for the Economy Northern Ireland (DfENI), we provide outstanding students with fantastic opportunities to conduct their Doctoral studies and develop core research skills in an exciting and creative environment.


This opportunity is open to applicants who have completed their PhD at a research organization (RO) that is part of a DTP or CDT and must be held at an RO that is part of a DTP or CDT eligible to participate in this initiative and aligned to an accredited pathway:

Applicants are eligible for funding whether or not they are established members of the RO at which they are applying. Applicants who are not established members must be accommodated by the RO and provided with appropriate facilities to carry out the fellowship. Further details about the eligibility of applicants can be found in the Research Funding Guide. The call is not open to applicants who are established, permanent members of staff in an academic position with a research component.

Applicants do not have to have had an ESRC-funded studentship in order to be eligible to apply.

At the time of submitting a proposal, the applicant must either:

  • Have been awarded a PhD;
  • Have submitted their thesis and passed their viva voce with minor corrections, with the expectation that the PhD will be awarded by the fellowship start date.

The grants are restricted to those with no more than 12 months of active postdoctoral experience at the start date of the grant. Active postdoctoral experience is defined as that accomplished between the viva voce being passed and the proposed start date of the fellowship. This includes professional doctorates as well as the PhD. In calculating ‘active’ experience we will make allowance for career breaks, where the applicant has interrupted their career for family, health or other personal reasons.

This call welcomes proposals from those returning to research following a career break. Applicants are however required to meet the eligibility criteria of no more than 12 months of active postdoctoral experience.


The total cost for each fellowship can include the following:

  • Fellow’s salary costs;
  • Indirect costs;
  • Estate Costs;
  • Up to GBP 10,000 of other costs (to include costs such as mentoring costs, travel and subsistence, conference attendance, training, and fieldwork, for example).

No other costs are permitted. Each proposal will need to show these figures as 100% of full Economic Cost (fEC) and the ESRC will meet 80% fEC on the proposals submitted.

How to apply?

All applicants must submit proposals on the provided submission form along with required attachments by 16.00 on March 23, 2018, to the DTP or CDT they are applying to (include our web link).

Each DTP/CDT will peer review the proposals and make funding decisions on behalf of ESRC. Successful applicants will be required to submit their proposal through the Research Council’s Joint Electronic Submission (Je-S) system.

In order to apply fill the application form.

For more information please visit the official website.