Research Fellowships in Humanities and Social Science

Deadline: 12 September 2019
Open to: postdoctoral researchers from the countries mentioned below
Benefits: an award will not usually be above GBP 275,000


Wellcome Trust is an independent global charitable foundation based in the UK that aims to fund research to improve human and animal health and wellbeing by improving understandings of health, Illness disease, life, and death.

Often thought of as a bio-medical funder, Wellcome has, in recent years expanded their Humanities and Social Science division which now offers a total of 17 funding schemes, including postgraduate and postdoctoral research.

This scheme supports postdoctoral researchers in health-related humanities and social sciences who do not hold established academic posts.


You can apply for a Research Fellowship if you’re a postdoctoral researcher who wants to carry out an extended period of research on your own project.

You must not have a permanent contract or a contract that will last longer than this fellowship.

You should also:

In most cases, applicants should have been awarded a Ph.D. before they apply.


A Research Fellowship is for up to three years, or you can hold it part-time over a longer period.

An award will not usually be above GBP 275,000.

Support includes:

  • a basic salary;
  • personal removal expenses;
  • research expenses.

You can also apply for Research Enrichment funding to increase the impact of your work through activities in public engagement, open research, and diversity and inclusion.

How to apply?

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For more information, please visit the official web page.