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Deadline: 28 February 2013
Open to: Authors from all around the world
Remuneration: US$2,500 for a manuscript/ US$500 for review report


The increasingly complex global landscape and economic challenges due to mounting global competition and globalization has led to calls for further reflection on the importance of competitiveness, on how to define it and how to measure it. Business people, policy makers and researchers acknowledge that improving competitiveness offers organizations of all kind a strategic tool for supporting medium- and long-term prosperity, enhance economic growth and the standard of living. Competitiveness refers to the ability of a firm, industry,region, nation, and supranational region to contribute to wealth creation and maximization of welfare by selling and supplying goods and services in a given market, while being and remaining exposed to the international competition.

The Special Issue of the JCC: The Business and Economics Research Journal encourages original research articles of high quality providing innovative qualitative and quantitative methodologies for evaluating competitiveness, and with practical applications in various domains. Empirical research, as well as the development of new or modified Competitiveness Evaluation Methodologies to address challenging and emerging policies are of considerable interest for the Special Issue of the JCC: The Business and Economics Research Journal. Contributions from both the academic and the practitioner communities are encouraged.

Specific sub-topics

Specific sub topics may include, but are not limited to:

1. Knowledge Economy Competitiveness
2. Business Competitiveness
3. Global Economic Competitiveness
4. World Competitiveness
5. International Competitiveness
6. Regional Competitiveness
7. Departmental Competitiveness
8. State Competitiveness
9. National Competitiveness
10. Climate Competitiveness
11. Travel & Tourism Competitiveness
12. Provincial Competitiveness
13. External Competitiveness
14. Growth Competitiveness


Manuscripts accepted for publication in the JCC: The Business and Economics Research Journal will be granted an honorary award of US$2,500. Please note that reviewers also receive $500 honorarium for their timely and qualitatively review reports. If you would like to review manuscripts for our journal, kindly register your information here.


Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts in the window between November 1, 2012 and February 28, 2013, via the Manuscript Galaxy Central. After registration on Manuscript Galaxy Central System, please select the “Special Issue” option from the drop-down menu and include the words “Competitiveness Evaluation Methodologies, Contemporary Issues and Challenges Special Issue Submission” on your title page. Then follow the instructions to upload your manuscript.  All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer review process. Manuscripts must not have been previously published, accepted for publication, nor currently be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Kindly read and follow the Author’s Guidelines carefully.

If you are planning to submit a manuscript for the Special Issue of the JCC: The Business and Economics Research Journal, please send your abstract to [email protected] as soon as possible. Kindly note that the manuscripts which do not fit the focus of the Special Issue but meet the quality standards of the JCC: The Business and Economics Research Journal, will be refereed as a regular JCC submission. For further information or clarifications about this Call for Papers, please contact  use Manuscript Galaxy Central System or contact the Editor-in-Chief directly at [email protected].

Publication schedule

• Manuscript submission deadline – Feb 28, 2013
• Reviewer´s reports – March 31, 2013
• Revised paper submission – April 30, 2013
• Language Correction – May 31, 2013
• Final manuscript submission to publishers – July 31, 2013

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