Online Course on Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society

Course starts: 15 November 2015
Open to: everybody interested in the topic of latest global trends, business and society
Venue: online


How do you understand the effect of changes on business and society in this rapidly changing world? Learn to analyze the latest global trends so that you can adapt and cope with these changes in business and the world. The new realities of the 21st century are disrupting the global financial architecture based on the U.S. dollar. Populations are aging. People are moving from the countryside to the cities. There are more people suffering from obesity than people who go hungry. The middle-class is growing fast in the emerging economies yet shrinking in Europe and the United States. The race for energy, natural resources, and food is intensifying.


The course is eligible for everyone interested in the topic of latest global trends and their effect on business and society.  All you need to participate is a stable internet connection and you can study anywhere, at anytime.

What will you learn?

  • Understand what the consequences of global trends for markets, the business world, and society;
  • How to analyze global trends, and to understand both their magnitude and relation to each other;
  • Discover how you can adapt and cope with these changes as they affect your business and society;
  • How to manage your business to take advantage of the latest global trends;
  • How to make better decisions based on new global realities;
  • How to manage effectively in a changing global situation.

How to enroll?

You can enroll and participate on this course for FREE HERE. The course starts on 15 of November, 2015 and will be in the duration of 7 weeks. After completing the course you can also gain a Verified Certificate for $149 fee.

For more information please visit official website.

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