Apply for Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders Awards 2017

Deadline: 6 September 2017
Open to: undertakers of peacebuilding
Award: global publicity and cash prizes


Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders are the global awards for local peacebuilding. Awarded annually, the Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders Awards offer international recognition for grassroots peace activists in conflict-affected countries worldwide. These are inspiring individuals who are building a better tomorrow for their communities, in the world’s most fragile and needy places.

In the last three years, 963 entries were received from 91 countries. The prize winners worked with ex-child soldiers in Uganda, young people in Israel-Palestine, villagers hit by drug wars in Colombia, tribal groups in Papua New Guinea and more.

Previous winner Vahidin Omanovic from Bosnia said: “It is a great honour for us to win a ‘Tomorrow’s Peacebuilder’ award. Ten years of hard work, influencing the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina to overcome their prejudices and hate, have been recognised and celebrated with the award. This is an enormous boost to our work.”


These are global awards. There is no geographical restriction on applications. In order to be eligible to enter, you must:

  • Undertake peacebuilding work – your organisation is either a peacebuilding organisation or has peacebuilding as a substantial element of your work;
  • Be locally based – your organisation must be based in the country or communities where your work will be done. If your organisation operates in multiple countries, you are not eligible to enter (Note cross-border projects are eligible);
  • Be an independent organisation, not an in-country or satellite organisation of an international NGO;
  • Be working, or planning to work, in at least one of the following thematic areas: women-led peacebuilding, youth-led peacebuilding, or inter-religious peacebuilding.


  • The Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders awards were launched in 2013 by Peace Direct. They are the only awards of their kind in the world;
  • The winners receive global publicity and cash prizes;
  • They are chosen by an international panel of experts including distinguished practitioners, political figures, and media.

How to apply?

In order to enter, please download and return the application form. We prefer to receive applications completed in English. If you are not comfortable writing your answers in English, we encourage you to have a friend or colleague translate your application into English prior to submission. If these options are not possible, we will accept applications in French or Spanish.

Send completed applications to [email protected] Please ensure the total size of email attachments does not exceed 5 MB. Emails larger than 5 MB may be rejected by our email system.

Applications will be accepted from 12 July 2017 until 06 September 2017We strongly recommend applying as early as possible. We will review applications as they are submitted to ensure they are complete and correct, therefore early applications enjoy this advantage and a greater chance of success.

For more information please visit the official website.

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