Apprenticeship Appendix Graduate Scholarship

Deadline: 30 November 2017
Open to: international and domestic students
Scholarship: USD 5000 + benefits


The Massey University has invited applicants for its Apprenticeship Appendix Graduate Scholarship. The scholarship is available for international students to pursue Bachelor of Maori Visual Arts (BMVA) programme.

The aim of the scholarship is to encourage a wider knowledge of Maori contemporary art in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • All applicants must be eligible, and intending, to enrol;
  • For full-time (minimum of 105 credits) study;
  • In the first year (i.e. 100 level) of the Bachelor of Maori Visual Arts (BMVA) programme;
  • In the year following this award;
  • The Award is open to domestic and international students.


This USD 5000 award will be distributed throughout the four years of study and will be available for students to use as needed – art materials, living expenses or tuition fees.

How to Apply?

 Applicants can apply through both post or email:

Applicants must submit following documents with the application form:

  • A brief statement describing what interests you about contemporary Maori arts, and what you hope to gain from taking the degree (no more than 300 words);
  • A brief statement outlining what your future goals are in relation to your study (no more than 150 words);
  • School Leaver applicants: a copy of official interim NZQA Level 2 NCEA results (issued in January) (or exam equivalent – e.g.Cambridge exams etc) Note: if you have completed Level 3 NCEA please supply both Level 2 and Level 3 results;
  • Non-School leaver applicants: a verified copy of your secondary school results or other post-secondary academic achievements;
  • 10-15 images of your work in an appropriate digital or hard copy format according to the medium eg. links to web sites, flash drives, link to Dropbox, JPEG files or printed photographs;
  • A brief (no more than one page) curriculum vitae highlighting your academic achievements;
  • A supporting letter from an appropriately qualified person and/or organisation (e.g. art teacher, Te Reo teacher, dean, principal, gallery director, community leader, Kaumatua of your iwi/hapu/marae) will assist in the success of your application, although this is not compulsory;
  • Applicants must disclose other awards they hold or have applied for. The Selection Committee is not obligated to consider other grants but might choose to take these into account;
  • Please forward applications (in pdf format) to: and

In order to apply fill the application form.

For more information please visit the official website.

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