Equality Now – Video Contest

Deadline: 20 March 2012
Open to: No particular requirements
Prize: Best videos are will be presented at Equality Now 20th anniversary gala event on Thursday, April 19 in New York City


Equality Now is the group dedicated to protect human rights of women and girls across the world. Since 1992, Equality Now is working with different human rights organizations for promotion of women human rights. Organization aims for a world where is no violence and discrimination against women and women’s rights are protected at any cost. In its efforts to promote and protect women’s human rights around the world, Equality Now is inviting videos on the subject of “Gender Equality”.

Selected videos will be featured on the website of Equality Now and on social media sites, as well as at 20th anniversary gala event on Thursday, April 19 in New York City.


There are no specific requirements for the applicants, sending videos.


Sent videos should meet the following criteria:

  • All videos should be 10-15 seconds in length.
  • All videos should start with the words “Equality to me…”
  • Entries can be submitted in any language, but please provide an English translation in the video description field.
  • Videos must not contain any material that is deemed inappropriate (obscene language, nudity, violence, etc.).  Any video that contains content that is deemed inappropriate will be deleted.
  • All videos must comply with the copyright rules as stated on YouTube (or other supported platform). Content must be your own or your video will be disqualified.
  • Your use of YouTube including posting of comments on this channel, is governed by the YouTube Privacy Policy at www.youtube.com/t/privacy.


Rules for Submission

  • Videos should be uploaded to YouTube (or other supported platform) with “Equality to Me” in the title. Not sure how to upload your video to YouTube? Read a quick how-to guide, or watch a video tutorial.
  • Videos should then be uploaded via our online submission form.
  • All participants must electronically sign the release of consent.  If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must consent on your behalf.
  • Any videos submitted may be featured on our website or social media sites.

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