Scholarships in Labour Market Research, Germany

Deadline: 31 October 2012
Open to: Outstanding young researchers from the social sciences and economics disciplines
Scholarship: 1,000 euros per month


Graduate Programme of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the School of Business and Economics of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

The labour markets of western industrialized states are currently experiencing diverse and sometimes far-reaching processes of change. In order to understand these and to study them in an analytical way, it is necessary to conceive and apply theoretical concepts and empirical findings from a variety of different scientific disciplines.

This is the reason why IAB and the School of Business and Economics of the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg have set up a programme to support doctoral proposals in the field of labour market research.

The aim of the programme is to train outstanding junior researchers from the social sciences and economics disciplines in the field of labour market and occupational research.


They expect excellent academic qualifications, an especial interest in and enthusiasm for issues of the labour market and occupational research, and personal qualities that promise success in completing the programme.

Preference will be given to dissertation proposals that would profit in a special way from being attached to IAB and from which IAB itself might profit in a special way. If the preparation of the project outline reveals the need for better knowledge of the IAB data resources there is the possibility to visit the IAB for conducting data research.


IAB supports scholarship holders with a scholarship of 1,000 euros per month.

In accepting the scholarship, the scholarship holder commits him/herself to talking part in the study programme and to limiting secondary, income-generating activities to a maximum of 10 hours per week (i.e. a “quarter job” according to the German civil service).

The scholarship is granted for the period of a year. The maximum period of support is 3 years. Before each period of support comes to an end, an assessment will take place as to whether further support is justified. To this end, each scholarship holder submits an intermediate report each year documenting the extent to which the project has progressed, as well as specifying an updated schedule/further steps to be completed.


Application documents must contain:

  • A complete, tabular CV
  • Copies of school leaving certificates and certificates relating to vocational training and activities
  • Copies of university certificates already attained
  • A letter of reference from the professor supervising the dissertation with respect to personal and academic qualifications and the importance of the topic of the dissertation for labour market and occupational research. (If, at the time of application, the supervisory professor has not yet been selected, evidence of the personal and academic qualifications of the applicant should be provided by submitting other references and letters of recommendation.)
  • Notification of the doctoral requirements applicable to the doctoral subjects at the university in question, as well as an indication of which of these are still to be met
  • An outline of the project in which, above all, the following must be addressed:
    • The reasons for selecting the topic and its place in current research
    • Major problems and issues
    • The theoretical approach and methodical considerations regarding implementation
    • A workplan/schedule
    • Bibliography

      The project outline should not be more than 25,000 characters (including spaces).

A contact person for the application process is

Dr Sandra Huber (Coordinator of Studies)

Phone:+49 (0)911 179 5950
[email protected]

Postal address:

Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB) der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA)
(Institute for Employment Research of the Federal Employment Agency)
Regensburger Strasse 104
D-90478 Nuremberg

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